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 The Big Tree Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. has held numerous Vehicle Committee Meetings and researched the best option to replace our two (2) aging Pumper Engines (1995 RD Murray Engine and the 1999 RD Murray Engine). The decision to replace both Engines with two (2) state of the art Custom Twin Engines has taken several years.
Just over a year ago in 2020, the Big Tree Volunteer Fire Company entered into a contract with E-One Fire Apparatus. E-one is based out of Ocala Florida, with a manufacturing site on Camp Road located in the Town of Hamburg.
With the Covid 19 pandemic in its prime, E-One was able to start the construction of both new Engines in January of 2021. In early May of 2021, we took delivery of both Engines. Engine 1 went into service after two (2) weeks of training and mounting the required equipment. Engine 2 took a little longer since we were waiting delivery on the mounts and some equipment.
On June 14th, 2021, Engine 1 and Engine 2 are officially in-service to serve our community.
Both Engines are equipped with the following:
• 8-Man Cab
• 1750 gpm Pump
• 780-gallon Water Tank
• 30-gallon concentrated Foam Tank
• A total of 900 feet of 1 ¾” attack line (2 cross lays 250 feet each and the jump line 150 feet are able to dispense foam)
• 300 feet of 3 inch hose
• A total of 550 feet of 2 ½ inch hose
• Over 1000 feet of 5 inch supply line.
• Plus multiple hand tools and equipment used for firefighting and rescue.


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