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Anyone over 18 years of age is invited to join the active membership roles of the Big Tree Volunteer Fire Company. Youths between 16 and 18 years of age can join our “Members with Restrictions” program. Applicants must live within the Big Tree Fire District or within 8 driving miles (per google maps) to the station at 4112 Big Tree Rd., Hamburg, NY 14075.

Applicants must not have any previous arson convictions.

Benefits of becoming a Volunteer at Big Tree VFC

Free Training – Members are offered free training in both firefighting and emergency medical services. Both in-house and state run fire training is offered on a regular schedule. As a new member, you can become state-certified in firefighting. We also offer courses in firefighter safety and survival, fire pump operations, arson investigation, vehicle extrication, rope and trench rescue and much more. Additionally, you can become a state-certified EMT or Paramedic. Whatever your area of interest, we have training for you!

Service Award Program – After five years of service with the Big Tree Volunteer Fire Company, members become vested in our service awards program. This program is designed to provide a pension to volunteer firefighters when they retire. The amount of the service award is directly related to the length of service rendered to the fire company. What a great way to plan for your future!

Social Functions – The Big Tree Volunteer Fire Company is a family. As all families do, we enjoy numerous social events together. Whether attending our annual awards banquet or family picnic, a professional sporting event, playing league softball, or just hanging out together, Big Tree fosters a fun-filled family-oriented atmosphere.

Self Satisfaction – Knowing that you are serving your community and saving lives is a great feeling. By volunteering with the Big Tree Volunteer Fire Company, you will develop personal feelings of pride ,confidence and self satisfaction as you help your friends and neighbors in their time of need. This rewarding feeling may be justification enough for you to join our team!


So what are you waiting for??? Join our team and start sharing in the benefits of membership TODAY!!! So rather you wanna be Fire AND EMS, Active EMS, Active Fire, Active Driver and Fire Police, Administrative, or A Member with restrictions, Complete the application below.

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