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Vehicle Fires May 2013

Big Tree practiced the proper ways to extinguish a vehicle fires.Click here for all photos. Click on the picture for more pictures of the event!
Auto Extrication

Big Tree practiced there proper ways to extricate a victim or victimís from an auto wreck.Click here for all photos. Click on the picture for more pictures of the event!
K12 & Concrete Training
Big Tree practiced the proper and safe way to use our K12 and Concrete Saws.Click here for all photos. Click on the picture for more pictures of the event!
Back to Basics Smokehouse
Big Tree and Woodlawn partcipated in a large area smoke house training. Click on the picture for more pictures of the event!
Ventilation Training
Firefighters from Big Tree and Newton-Abbott conducted a joint ventilation training. By using the ventilation simulator at the Evans Center Fire Hall, firefighters were able to gain valuable hands-on training in cutting and chopping through roofing materials while on a pitched roof. For photos from the training, Click Here
Vehicle Extrication
On September 10, 2001, Big Tree conducted a drill to assess the company's readiness to respond to a motor vehicle crash with multiple entrapped patients. Click Here to review this interesting training evolution.
Safety & Survival
Firefighter Safety & Survival skills are essential. See how members of the Big Tree Volunteer Fire Company train on this vitally important topic by Clicking Here.
Protecting Our Firefighters
Recently, Big Tree firefighters received a new tool for escaping from buildings. See how Big Tree trained on the use of these new personal escape ropes by Clicking Here.

Extrication Training 101

The Big Tree Volunteer Fire Company conducted a basic extrication course for members of the Blasdell Volunteer Fire Company as well as for new recruits to the Big Tree Volunteer Fire Company. Click Here
Combatting Vehicle Fires

The focus of our November 2001 fire training has been on fighting vehicle fires. To view images of our "live burns"
Click Here
A-Maze-ing Training

Big Tree firefighters were the first guests to train in Orchard Park's new fire training maze. This wonderful new facility is excellent for building mask confidence skills
Click Here

Hazardous Materials Extrication

The possibility of having to extricate a patient from a crash involving a hazardous materials spill or fire is real. See how Big Tree firefighters trained for this eventuality. Click Here to view our training photos.
Truck Company Training

Firefighters from Blasdell, Big Tree and Woodlawn joined together to conduct a Truck Company training course. The intensive six week course covers all aspects of truck company operations from search and rescue to ventilation
Click Here
Distracted Driving

The Big Tree Volunteer Fire Company and the members of the Immaculata Academy SADD chapter conduct their annual mock auto accident. With 2 victims in serious condition and two of their fellow students pronounced dead at the scene, students witnessed first had what can happen when you drink and drive or any form of distractive driving such as texting or talking on the cell phone,Click Here

Home Depot Annual Saftey Fair

Big Tree, Woodlawn, Hamburg and the South Town Haz Mat team particpated
in Home Depots Annual Safety Fair. While we were there we provided Fire
Prevention and an extrication demonstration. Home Depot had several activities for the kids to participate in as well.Click here for all photos.
Ice Water Rescue Training

The Hamburg Water Rescue Team and The Big Tree Volunteer Fire Company teamed up once again this weekend to attend our yearly ice rescue refresher course. We train together in ice rescue every year because we have a mutual aid agreement to each other for any ice rescue call. The weather could not have agreed with us more as we had a cold and snowy day.Click here for all photos.
School Bus Extrication

In June of 2001, the Big Tree Volunteer Fire Company conducted a training class on school bus extrication. Both classroom and hands-on sessions were conducted. Many lessons were learned. Click Here to find out what was learned or to review the basics of school bus extrication.
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